The Property portal of SA Revealed focuses on:

The relevant section is accessed by hovering the mouse over the Property tab.  The individual tabs will appear to the right of the Property tab.  Click on the tab and the individual transactions will appear on the map as well as a Description Box


Working in the Map


There are a number of query and navigation tools on the map.




The main navigation is through the Google maps tool functionality using the zoom bar and the ability to move the map by holding the left mouse button, and dragging the map.  The map will also centre and zoom in to half the zoom level by double clicking on a point on the map


Description Box


The Description Box provides the functionality to query the data via a number of aspects:



The data can be searched on the fields listed, and the results of the query will appear on the map



Click on the tool buttons provide map functionality:







Selection Box


The Selection Box appears below the map whenever transactions are selected via the Tools or the Search functionality.


The first field has a hyperlinked Select indicator.  Choose the record you wish to view, and the map will zoom to the record, and and 'i' button will appear with the Tool buttons.  Click on the 'i' Tool Button, and the property transaction records will appear in a box.  These include Property, Price, and Bond details.


The Buyer field is also hyperlinked if the buyer is a company.  Click on the hyperlink and the directors details will be displayed.